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June 27, 2017
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Louisiana Action Coalition Commitment Form

LAC regions are based on the model for regional labor market areas (RLMA) used by the Louisiana
Workforce Commission and the Louisiana Center for Nursing.
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As a Coalition participant, the undersigned organization commits to:

1. Assisting in the achievement in Louisiana of one or more goals of the IOM report, the Future of
Nursing, Leading Change, Advancing Health, via collaboration with other coalition members, lead
teams or team leaders. Click to view IOM Recommendations (opens new window)

2. Identifying and pledging to implement one or more specific tactics/actions to meet priority goal(s).

3. Identifying and and recruiting another entity to participate in the work of the Louisiana Action
Coalition within six months of commitment.

4. Creating at least annually a Campaign for Action presence or focus at an entity/organizational event.

5. Assisting with soliciting support for the Louisiana Action Coalition.

6. Providing data to LAC Tactical Support and Operations Team for evaluation purposes.
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7. Resolving conflict/disagreement through a designated conflict resolution process. Organization/entity
agrees to resolve conflict/disagreement through appropriate channels and will notify one or more of the
Executive Committee members of such conflict if it arises. 

8. Would your organization be interested in also serving as a sponsor organization? Sponsor
organizations assist the LAC via financial and/or tactical support related to specific areas of interest to
the organization.  If interested in serving as a sponsor organization you will be contacted with further
information to assist in your decision.

Inserting the representative’s name below indicates the organization is joining the LAC for the duration
of the Initiative on the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action which runs through 2020 and agrees to
the above conditions and terms.

Enter the code shown above in the box below